If you’re an anti-feminist blogger who is pro-equality, reblog and add your name to the list

I want to see how many of us there are, and have an actual list of people to follow for me and for others who are against feminism


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    Alexsparky ! I promise I’m not really a male white supremacy handmaiden that’s just what a large group of feminazi’s...
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    Not completely against it.Feminism and Egalitarianism both have the same ultimate goal, after all. I just don’t like the...
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    aboutwhitewomen and feministfacts
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    My blog is not an anti-feminist themed blog but I think I belong on this list - mashkwi
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    I post a lot of random crap that doesn’t have much to do with this, but there are some floating around… They’re just not...
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    unrepentantmaleotaku. I’m also a multi-fandom blog 8D
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    I’m anti-tumblr-feminism. Huuuuuuuge difference between tumblr feminism and real feminism.
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    I believe in equality, not retaliation!
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    I respect feminist opinions (not radfems and the like, but genuine feminists). I just don’t agree with a lot of their...
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    I am torn because I don’t like to call this an anti-feminist blog. We’re just anti-stupid-feminism.
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