"This hashtag is hurting people!" that’s quite ironic since the whole point of this hashtag is to keep those people from getting hurt.

"#dontbeafruit is stupid! a hashtag isn’t going to do anything!" then why are you so worried about it if it’s just a useless hashtag?

"I’m so…

I love how it says “no one over 16” yet the whole time I’ve watched the videos a lot have mentioned protecting the younger generations.
Oh no! The target audience is getting the point. What a failure !!
I imagine it’s tough to keep dumb comments to yourself. I can only sympathize with you though you see, I, along with the riders supporting this were raised to be thoughtful individuals.

Okay first off did you just call me an it

Secondly the only people I have seen using this #dontbeafruit hashtag are those who would not be putting their horse’s foot on them ANYWAY. Do you actually think this is going to make people who WOULD put their horse’s hoof on them stop? Do you ACTUALLY think this is going to affect anyone?

Yes? Correct. But not the way you think.

From what I’ve seen on instagram and on here, the kids who’ve seen this campaign are just annoyed and offended by it, and have made their own tag in response to it, #imavegetable or something like that, and are now posting even more pictures of them engaging in the activity the campaign is trying to stop. The “dontbeafruit” campaign has effectively caused these children to engage in the dangerous activity even more

Do any of you actually think that these kids don’t realize horses are heavy, or that it’s dangerous to have them put their foot on you? Do you actually think you’re doing anything other than waste food by making your horse step on a melon? Do you really think you’re educating anyone by making your horse step on a pear? 

Do you know WHY kids do this? They do it BECAUSE it’s dangerous, and giving them a visual of how dangerous it is isn’t going to do anything but encourage them. They think that their horse has the bond or whatever with them to not step on them, they know the horse could easily kill them and that’s what makes it thrilling, that’s what they think makes it such a special thing, that’s why they think it shows such a bond. Because it’s dangerous.

Honestly this whole thing is very poorly thought out. Maybe you were raised to be a “thoughtful individual” or whatever, but I learned to actually think critically about the campaigns I create and/or support, and if the desired effects will match the effect it will realistically have on the target audience. 

I was referring to your post as “it”. Get over yourself. Not everything is about you.
If children see this campaign as a dare then so be it. Natural selection.
Honestly if someone sees the posts and decides, “huh so that’s what my horse can do to my insides. Let’s try it !” Then that’s simply what they’ve decided to do with their free will.
You’re bashing something that’s supposed to create awareness of how dangerous your petty fluffy Princess pony can be.
I bet you bash suicide awareness too considering your attitude.
In the end, if you don’t like the damn campaign don’t make rude comments. Maybe if you responded reasonably, and non-aggressively people would actually care what you have to say.
You are completely allowed to say that you think the campaign is flawed. I’ve given you permission if you can behave and play nice with others. Quit acting like a prick.

lmfao I didn’t think you were actually calling me an it. It’s called a joke. Get over yourself.

If you’d actually read my post you’d see that I’m not implying that dontbeafruit is going to cause people who would not otherwise have put a hoof on them to do so, nor do I believe it will discourage people from doing so. I don’t think there is a single person in the horse world who does not realize that horses are dangerous, and a horse stepping on you will cause serious injury. What I’m saying is, the kids who do put hooves on their bodies do it BECAUSE it’s dangerous and they believe that their horse is aware of the damage it will do, and has the bond to not do that to them. Therefore, telling them it’s dangerous isn’t going to do jack because they are already aware.

In fact, it will encourage them to do so because you are trying to discourage it. Think of it this way: in having this discussion with me, has my disagreeing with what you’re saying and doing come close to changing your mind? Or has it just reinforced the idea that you should keep going with the campaign. I’m going to guess the later, because it is human nature to push against criticism directed at something you are doing. 

I’m allowed to make whatever comments I want, whether you consider them rude or not. There are plenty of people who care what I say, there are plenty of people who have liked and reblogged my posts criticizing this movement, and there are plenty of people who support my opinions. Just because you are not one of them does not mean there is nobody. I don’t need your permission to post something on my own blog, nor do I want it. Stop trying to be condescending, and grow up.

And you know what, how fucking DARE you imply that someone who lost their best friend to suicide and almost lost themselves as well doesn’t support suicide awareness. Suicide awareness has NOTHING to do with this, you had no right to bring it into this discussion, and maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to judge someone’s attitude based upon one exchange you’ve had with them. Suicide is a VERY touchy subject for a lot of people, and should never be brought up lightly, especially to elicit an emotional response. That’s a low blow. You’re obviously either the one who doesn’t support suicide awareness and help for those struggling or incredibly ignorant if you’re one to bring it up so lightly. Fuck you, and fuck off.

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