I always have these weird dreams/nightmares that I get too many fish and like I forget to feed some so they disappear and the ones that are alive are all sick and it’s this weird cycle of buying, forgetting, and feeding


I would never do that in real life?? What does it mean?

Fishkeeper anxiety dreams! These are common in the fishblr tag and posts about them pop up every few months. My thought is that we spend enough time thinking about the welfare of our fish and other people’s fish in general that it reflects in dreams about messing up, or about emergency situations.

I’ve had dozens of these in the last year.

I dreamed I had an 8-inch koi in the kitchen sink and I was trying desperately to make the water safe and trying to figure out where to put it.

I dreamed about two bettas, crowntails, one black one white, suddenly in my possession and in leaking tanks that were too small and I was trying to fix the tanks and divide them (because they weren’t separate suddenly?) and do it all before the water ran out

I don’t remember most of them. I’ve had them about other animals, too, and I imagine other pet owners have had dreams like this. It may also cross over into other things happening in your life, and the fish as a metaphor your brain is using to explore those issues.

I had a dream once that my boyfriend bought a new 10 gallon tank for our two bettas and put them both together to try to make me happy, and then I was trying to get them out but I couldn’t find a net and it was really stressful

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I left my purse and my car key in my friend’s car and she’s at a doctor’s appointment and I’m craving Burger King god damMIT

I’m sitting here looking at my car thinking about how it could take me to burger king if ONLY I COULD GET INSIDE IT



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Gonna get to take Feminism as a class this year!!


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I don’t need feminism, because if women in 1st world countries were actually oppressed, they wouldn’t be able to study how oppressed they are in college.

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Holy shit that is soooooooo true!

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